Order a mouth-watering freshly cooked starters from a selection of Mediterranean and classic Indian and Bangladeshi starters

Indian and Bengali

Indian and Bangladeshi starters

Traditional Bengali pastry triangles, filled with unique Baraka fillings


Onion bhaji made with sliced onions, mildly spiced, battered & deep fried


Dried spicy potatoes coated with herbs.  (2 Pcs)


Slow cooked lentils & meat, with ginger, garlic & garnished coriander. Served with roti

Chicken soup with herbs and green chilli


(2 Pcs) Chicken/Meat/Vegetable.

Marinated tandoor grilled chicken


Grilled marinated succulent lamb chops (4 Pcs)

Flattened King prawn battered in mild spice and deep fried

King prawns cooked in sweet & sour tamarind sauce

Diced chicken pan fried in a fresh tangy tomato sauce. Served with puri


Served with puri


Lightly spiced prawn cooked with finely chopped onions & herbs. Served with a crispy bread

Lightly spiced king prawn cooked with finely chopped onions & herbs. Served with a crispy bread


Mediterranean starters

Pureed chick peas, tahina, lemon juice & olive oil. Served with bread

  • Mediterranean

Fried balls of chick peas, with herbs and spices


Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, herbs, olive oil and lemon juice

Chopped lamb in hummus sauce


Bread stuffed with seasoned lamb and halloumi cheese and tomatoes


Grilled halloumi cheese. Served with bread


The dish of celebration and royalty. In these dishes, main ingredients are cooked with Basmati rice for a mouth-watering flavour. Served with Mixed Veg Curry/ Tarka Daal. Try our delicious Burhani with your biryani


Freshly made tortilla wraps with a selection of fillings

Minced Lamb

Spicy potatoes

  • Vegetarian
Single 2.50 , Double 3.50

Grill Dishes

Meditarranean BBQ marinated dishes, Peri peri and Tandoor, clay oven, grilled dishes

Mediterranean- Tabagh Raees

These Mediterranean dishes are served with Rice or Chips

BBQ marinated lamb chops. 4 pieces


BBQ marinated cubes of chicken breast


BBQ marinated lamb

BBQ minced lamb, onions and parsley

Regular 12.95, Large 24.95

Assortment of lamb shish, chicken shish, lamb chop, chicken wings
and kofta. Served with rice, bread, salad and sauce.

  • Sharer

Peri Peri grilled chicken

Tandoor Grilled Dishes

Traditional Indian clay oven called Tandoor grilled dishes.

Assortment of chicken, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb chop, sheek kebab, served with a naan & salad

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in freshly grounded aromatic herbs and spices barbecued with onion, capsicum and tomatoes



Steamed rice


Basmati rice with aromatic spices

Stir fried mix of pilau rice, spring onion and eggs


Basmati rice tempered with
mustard seeds & fresh lemon

Basmati rice mixed
with mushroom



Natural flour bread freshly baked

Infused with garlic and butter


Naan filled with spiced minced lamb

Filled with chopped herbs & grated cheese


Whole meal fried flat bread


Tandoor Baked bread


Freshly made healthy salad

Feta cheese tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and black olives

Mixed salad herbs with toasted bread

Tandoor grilled chicken breast with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber & black olive

Popular Curries

Timeless South East Asian curries

Cooked with spices & herbs in karahi style

Beef cooked with spices & herbs in karahi style

Cooked with spices & herbs in bhuna style

Lamb/chicken with mild fresh cream, herbs, sauce & spices

  • Has Nut

Lamb/chicken cooked with exotic spices and herbs


Spinach cooked with lamb, fresh herbs and spices

An authentic delicacy of Bangladesh cooked with beef and deshi spices


Minced lamb cooked in medium spices with onions & potatoes

Lamb/chicken cooked with lentil. Medium



A silver pom fret fried with onion & green chillies in a thick bhuna sauce. Spicy.


Popular Bengali fish cooked in traditional method with fragrant spices and herbs

Dried Bengali lotya fish in bhuna style


Grilled Sea Bass served with aromatic rice and salad. Chef’s own recipe.

Delicious national fish of Bangladesh, cooked to chef’s own special recipe

Minced fish with herbs & spices. A popular traditional delicacy. Fairly hot

  • Fairly Hot

Tiny fish cooked with green chillies & light spices. A traditional Bengali favourite.


Kids Corner

BBQ chicken/Lamb with chips, drink and salad

Hot wings, chips, salad, sauce and drink

With chips, drink and salad

Vegetable Dishes

Exotic vegetables pan fried in a fresh tomato sauce.

Stir fried with fresh herbs and coriander.

Potatoes cooked with a special blend of spices


Spinach leaves cooked with spring onions and garlic

Stir fried with fresh herbs and coriander

Okra pan fried with coriander in a light spiced sauce.


Slow cooked lentils with fresh ginger and garlic


Spinach and potatoes with spices and herbs


Chick peas pan fried in a fresh tomato sauce

Charred aubergine; traditional Bangladeshi recipe

Aubergines tossed with onion, tomato and chilies

Spinach with cottage cheese

Baraka Specials

Baraka house specials dishes made with passion

King prawns with garlic and fresh chillies

  • Fairly Hot

Chicken or lamb prepared in a spicy sauce of diced onions, capsicums then garnished
with spring onions and green Chillies with a sprinkle of fresh coriander

  • Fairly Hot

Fairly hot dish with lots of garlic and fresh chilies

  • Fairly hot
Regular 6.95 , Large 9.95

Succulent diced Lamb cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs. Chef’s own recipe

A deliciously smooth flour based stew with slow cooked mutton in a myriad of spices

  • Fairly Hot

Classic dish marinated pieces, succulently tandoori baked then cooked in a lightly spiced rich massala then sauted with fresh coriander

  • Has Nut

A dry dish of prawns cooked in a puree of spinach and coriander topped with sliced garlic

Prawns cooked in bhuna style with spices and herbs

King prawns cooked in bhuna style with spices and herbs

Succulent chicken cooked in a creamy rich sauce made with cashew, almonds, sauces and butter

  • Has Nut

Bengali Delicacies

A regional delicacy of chittagong Bangladesh cooked with beef and deshi spices

Beef cooked with onion, black pepper, red chilli, ghee & garam masala

Succulent roast chicken cooked with Bengali herbs and spices.

Chicken or lamb marinated in fresh herbs with shatkora (a Bengali lemon) then cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers in a thick spicy sharp sauce. An authentic dish of Sylhet region.

Lunch Express

Served: 12pm-4pm

Served with Daal, Rice & Salad

Served with Daal, Rice & Salad

Served with Daal, Rice & Salad

Served with Daal, Rice & Salad

Served with Daal, Rice & Salad




Reg 1.75 , Large 2.50
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