Indian Menu


56. Shingara £2.25
Traditional Bengali pastry triangles, filled with unique Baraka fillings
57. Piazee £2.45
Onion bhaji made with sliced onions mildly spiced, battered deep fried
58. Aloo Chops £2.50
Dried spicy potatoes coated with herbs
59. Haleem £3.95
Slow cooked lentils and meat, with ginger, garlic and garnished coriander


60. Bengal Chicken Roast £6.50
A Rich dish, roast chicken cooked with Bengali herbs and touch of mango pieces
61. Chicken Bhuna £4.95
62. Lamb Bhuna £5.50
63. Sina Bhuna Beef ribs£5.95
64. Bhuna Chops £5.50
65. Daal Chicken £4.95
Chicken cooked with lentil. Medium hot
66. Daal Gosht £5.65
Lamb cooked with lentil. Medium hot
67. Aloo Gosht £5.95
68. Chicken or Lamb Shatkora £5.50
Chicken or Lamb Marinated in fresh herbs with Shatkora (a Bengali lemon) then cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers in a thick spicy sharp sauce.


75. Vegetable Curry £3.25
Exotic vegetables pan fried in a fresh tomato sauce
76. Vegetable Stir fry£3.95
Stir fried with fresh herbs and coriander
77. Bombay Aloo £3.25
Potatoes cooked with a special blend of spices
78. Saag Bhaji£3.25
Spinach leaves cooked with spring onions and garlic
79. Mushroom Bhaji £3.25
Stir fried with fresh herbs and coriander
80. Bhindi Bhaji £3.25
Okra pan fried with coriander in a light spiced sauce
81. Tarka Daal £3.25
Slow cooked lentils with fresh ginger and garlic
82. Saag Aloo £3.25
Mixed spinach and potatoes cooked with onions and fresh herbs
83. Chana Daal £3.25
Chick peas pan fried in a fresh tomato sauce
84. Begun Bhorta £3.25
Aubergines tossed with onion, tomato and chillies
85. Saag Paneer £3.25


86. Rice Steamed rice £1.45
87. Pilau Rice £1.95
Basmati rice with aromatic spices
88. Special Fried Rice £2.25
Stir fried mix of pilau rice, spring onion and eggs
89. Lemon Rice £2.25
Basmati Rice tempered with mustard seeds and fresh lemon
90. Mushroom Rice £2.25
Basmati rice mixed with mushroom
91. Naan £1 20
Natural flour bread freshly baked
92. Garlic Naan £1.75
Bread Infused with garlic and butter
93. Keema Naan £1.95
Naan Filled with spiced minced lamb
94. Cheese Naan £1.95
Filled with chopped herbs and grated cheese
95. Paratha £1.95
Fried Whole meal bread
96. Roti Tandoor £0.95
Baked bread


97. Papadoms Plain/spicy £0.50
98. Chutneys £0.50
99. Fresh Green Salad £2.25
100. Chips £1.50


42. Chicken/Lamb Garlic Chilllly £7.50
Fairly hot dish with lots of garlic and fresh chillies. Fairlyly hot.
43. King Prawn Garlic Chilllli £7.50
Fairly hot dish with lots of garlic and fresh chillies. Fairlyly hot
44. Chicken/Lamb Jalfrezi £5.95
Chicken or Lamb prepared in a spicy sauce of diced onions, Capsicums then garnished with spring onions and green Chillies with a sprinkle of fresh coriander. Fairlyly hot
45. Tikka Kebab Platter £10.95
37. Baraka Tandoori Special Spicy £9.95
46. Chicken/Lamb Tikka Massala £5.95
Classic dish marinated pieces, succulently tandoori baked then cooked in a lightly spiced rich massala then sauted with fresh coriander
47. Chicken/Lamb Rezala Spicy £6.50
48. Chicken /Lamb Passanda £7.50
Pan-fried fillets dusted lightly with white Pepper and mild spices then topped with fresh cream, herb sauce and toasted Almonds, giving a fragrant with delicate flavour
49. Chingri Mirch £10.95
King Prawn cooked in pan with spicy sauce. Served with a garnish of fresh Onions and green Chillies. Fairlyly hot
50. Chicken Chilli Masalla Fairly hot £7.50
51. Saag Prawn £5.95
A dry dish of prawns cooked in a puree of spinach and coriander topped with sliced Garlic
52. Prawn Bhuna. £5.95
53. King Prawn Bhuna £9.95
54. Acachary Gosht/Chicken £7.50
55. Prawn Chicken Noodles £7.95